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Barnsley's school summer holidays cut by council

Original article from BBC News:

A council has become the first in England to cut the school summer holidays to under five weeks. Barnsley Council in South Yorkshire has announced the term dates for the academic year 2017-18 with a shortened summer break. There will be a longer school holiday at October half-term.

Councillor Tim Cheetham said: "The main differences to this year's dates from previous years will support educational outcomes for pupils by reducing the long summer break which can lead to learning loss. It also means that holiday weeks are distributed more evenly throughout the school year"

About time, but doesn't go far enough in my opinion. It's well documented that children from poorer backgrounds drop behind significantly during the school holidays. And it's not like we have decent summers any more, anyway. Teachers, of course, will only like it if they put children's education ahead of their own interests, which isn't always the case:

Nick Bowen, principal of Horizon College, said the cut would "lead to difficulties in recruitment and retention of really good staff".

I beg to differ - really good, forward-thinking staff will put children's education first and will welcome the change. 

Mossack Fonseca Breach – WordPress Revolution Slider Plugin Possible Cause

Original article from Wordfence:

The MF website runs WordPress and is currently running a version of Revolution Slider that is vulnerable to attack and will grant a remote attacker a shell on the web server. 

This is a few months old now, so might not still be the case, but it supports my view you should keep plugins to a minimum, no matter what your software you use.

Moving from WordPress to Craft

Original article from Gregor Terrill:

My first steps in building any site on WordPress often include activities like turning off comments, removing author profile templates, hiding the default Post post type (unless I can find some other use for it). The point is, in most use cases, WordPress' intended purpose is not helpful to me when building large custom websites - it's something I have to work around.

A really thoughtful article coming from someone who clearly knows Wordpress. I think any web developer who cares about his/her craft will appreciate the paragraph above. It's one of the main reasons I switched from Wordpress to ExpressionEngine years ago. And then Craft blew ExpressionEngine away.

Antitrust: European Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on Android operating system

Original article from European Commission press release:

The Commission alleges that Google has breached EU antitrust rules by:

- requiring manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and Google's Chrome browser and requiring them to set Google Search as default search service on their devices,

Forcing users to use the best search engine and the best browser? That's a disgrace!

- preventing manufacturers from selling devices running on competing operating systems based on Android,

Making sure Android apps work on all Android devices? What's going on?

I'm being sarcastic above, but, seriously, why do the EU think Android exists in the first place?

The US have Trump. We in the UK have Boris and the EU! And the latter is doing it's best to embarrass us in front of the world again. One for the Out campaign, this is...

Are the Lumia 950 and 950 XL victims of the Surface's success?

Original article from Jason Ward, Windows Central:

Ironically, many fans have decided to pass on the best Lumia's yet in lieu of what they are certain will be better devices next year.

Based on what? The phones aren't even available to buy yet and Jason has written these phones off as 'victims' of the Surface's success, supposedly because Windows fans aren't interesting in these phones? Personally, I can't wait to get mine. And, judging by the comments, I'm not on my own.

And then this:

What we don't yet have is pen. I believe pen input has an even greater place on a phablet than on a Surface for everyday scenarios.

I can't think of one everyday scenario where I'd like a pen.

Craft 2.4 is Now Compatible with PHP 7

Original article from Pixel & Tonic:

We just released Craft 2.4.2697 with a few minor improvements and bug fixes, and one really awesome improvement: Craft 2.4 is now fully compatible with PHP 7!

That feeling when you know you've picked a winner and it just keeps on giving. Keep it up!